Construction Time Lapse Camera

Live Stream Lines is a leading time-lapse production company providing fully managed time-lapse filming in any location, for any duration from a few hours to several years. Our clients enjoy access to a full archive of pictures, a time-stamped thumbnail refreshed every few minutes, multiple off-site backups, and broadcast-quality footage delivered in any format desired. Our HD Time Lapse camera system is a multi-camera solution which gives high quality results with a great deal of flexibility and data security. We would normally position between one and four cameras at good vantage points around a development. Our system achieves the most exciting results possible as it allows the final film to be created from several camera angles rather than traditional time-lapse where only one camera is used in a fixed spot. When there isn't much happening from one particular view we can cut to a more interesting area of the site showing more activity relevant to the development at that stage. Our Time Lapse Camera form a small, independent, wireless network each capturing high quality still images at pre-determined intervals. As a security backup, these images are sent, automatically, over our secure network to two other encrypted servers. This ensures that if any of the cameras are stolen or damaged their footage is not lost. The images can be posted on a web page as soon as they are taken and also build up an 'Image Archive' which is accessible by the project management and marketing team via an easy to use web interface. This facility allows the team and client to keep track of the project using high quality, high resolution photographs. Our managed shoots give you the extra benefit of capturing an important part of your project in more dynamic detail. This has been used to great effect with over-night construction projects, such as bridge moves, as well as event production and promotional videos. our proficient trained photographers can film your project making sure that your finished film has plenty of interest. This process is especially impressive when intercut with either live action footage or other long-term time-lapse.

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Construction, Demolition, Civil Engineering and Leisure Industry.
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Ultra High Definition Time-Lapse. Up to 24 Megapixels 4K.
IP-66 weatherproof housing, tested in hottest and coldest places on earth

Ultra High Definition Time-Lapse

Real time data in Cloud Storage
Secured back-up and storage of all images
Access to your images through a website interface and a new iPhone app
Strong High Speed Wireless MESH Network from cameras locations to the IT/Server Room

Wireless MESH Network

Managed Shoots.
Production of a monthly video updates.
Total commitment to customer service and satisfaction.
Fully Guaranteed. Fully Managed. Full Customer Support.
Support and maintenance of the time-lapse systems 24/7.

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